Wedding & Business Illustration

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I create two different kinds of illustration, watercolor and digital. To learn more about what kind of illustration will work best for your needs, read below.

For watercolor designs, I create in analog (paint, pen, and paper) and then create a high-resolution digital file of the artwork. This sort of design is generally very stylized and has a much more “artistic” feel. It’s great for wedding maps, crests, and more artisanal business. However, these are considered rasterized files, so they’re not very stretchable or versatile in terms of printing.

For digital designs, I create in Procreate or in Adobe Illustrator. This sort of design is best used for content design as well as businesses that want to use the illustration for a variety of purposes. These designs are considered vectors, so they are stretchable and much more flexible in the printing process.

Sometimes I do a hybrid design in which, I create the design in analog, but using a variety of methods, I make the the design into a vector. This process makes the analog design lose some of its “artistic touch,” but makes it possible to stretch and be reprinted like a digital design.

For examples of watercolor, digital, and hybrid, see below.

Interested in a unique way to get your vision across? Consider an illustrated video like the ones below.

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