Here to make the big things and little things happen.

Creative boosts for all aspects of life ~ From fine art to wedding and small business illustration, Maggie is here to help.

Fine Art

Below you’re find my portrfolio of original canvas paintings. Bright, gestural, and full of movement, I try to capture both the stillness and wildness of the low country.

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Custom Gift Artwork

In need of a custom watercolor portrait of your family, house, or other major life event?

Email at somefrenchbits@gmail.com to commission!

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Wedding Illustrations

In need of a wedding map, wedding crest, or other niche illustrated customization for your big day? Click below to see past work.

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Branding & Content Design

Are you a small business too? In need of a new logo? Or small graphic for a specific campaign? Are you looking to create a social media promotional series? Take a look at my past branding work and let’s tell your story together.

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