Meet Maggie

Owner of Maggie B. French Illustration & Animation

Maggie B. French is a painter, illustrator, and designer currently living in Charlotte, NC.

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BFA in Studio Art, Maggie found her passion teaching elementary and middle school art. But in her off-hours from school, Maggie began a side business making watercolor house portraits and small business graphics. Making creative things that served a variety of purposes became a whole new passion. And then, while living in Savannah, GA in 2020, Maggie decided to go full-time making art.

While still continuing illustration and graphics work, Maggie devotes most of her time to painting large-scale canvases of the lowcountry. Living in Savannah brought infinite art-making inspiration. Through her gestural style, Maggie hopes to convey the beautiful oxymoron of the wildness and stillness that is the southeast coast. Check out her shop here.

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