Meet Maggie

Owner of Maggie B. French Illustration & Animation

Maggie B. French is a painter, illustrator, and designer currently living in Savannah, GA. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Maggie graduated with a BFA in Studio Art from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2016.

After graduating college, Maggie hopped between a variety of jobs before she began teaching art in 2018. This was also the year Maggie started illustrating on the side. From watercolor house portraits to small business graphics, Maggie loved making things for all kinds of people and purposes. And then in 2020, Maggie decided to go full-time making art.

While still pursuing illustration and graphics work, Maggie has rekindled her love for painting. Living in the lowcountry has brought infinite art-making inspiration. Through her gestural style, Maggie hopes to convey the beautiful oxymoron of the wildness and stillness that is the southeast coast. Check out her shop here.

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