Meet Maggie

Owner of Maggie B. French Illustration & Animation

Maggie B. French is an artist currently living in Charlotte, NC. Her work generally encompasses the statement: “As simple does not mean easy, colorful does not lack depth.”

After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BFA in Studio Art, Maggie spent two years teaching elementary and middle school art. But in her off-hours from school, Maggie would dabble in a variety of creative endeavors. What began with a watercolor house portrait here and a wedding illustration there, grew into a full-time business.

While still continuing illustration and graphics work, Maggie devotes most of her time to painting large-scale landscape paintings. From the high country to the low country, Maggie hopes to capture to essence of place through high chroma color & bold mark-making. In particular, living in Savannah brought infinite art-making inspiration. Through her gestural style, Maggie hopes to convey the beautiful oxymoron of wildness and stillness that is the southeast coast. Check out her webshop here.

You can visit Maggie in her studio at StudioWorks off of East Blvd. You can also find available canvas work around town at South End Exchange, Cotswold Marketplace, and Heritage Charlotte.

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